Tattoo care


The advises of proper tattoo care differs by place and artist.

One thing is in common though, keep it clean!

The new tattoo is an open wound that reminds of road rash.

Depending on the location, a bandage will be placed on it to protect the wound from bacteria and the clothes from extracting colour or fluids.

The bandage can be removed after a few hours as the wound is to be washed with water and soap. Dry the tattoo gently, do not rub it.  Moisturize the tattoo with either Bepanthen, Helosan or Optisanana protecting emulsion.

Wash, dry and moisturize the new tattoo every few hours. If the tattoo gets too dry and a scrub appears to early it may loose some colour and the tattoo might fade.

Avoid sweating during the first 3-4 days as sweat extracts the colour. Avoid swimming and direct sun shine during the healing period.

During the healing period a scrub will appear on the tattoo. Keep it moist and do not scratch or rub it, as it will fall off by its self.

Proper care is important for the outcome of your new tattoo.